Financing medium and small enterprises
Financing medium and small enterprises

SME financing:

We believe in TAAJEER Finance Company in the role of companies and small and medium enterprises in the development of the national economy, and we provide financing services to business owners through the product of leasing and Murabahah to finance equipment and devices and the like, in addition to the lease financing for cars (such as a fleet) and vehicles designated for the business sector.

Conditions for submission:

  1. The facility is more than one year old
  2. Availability of an account statement approved by the bank
  3. Availability of audited budgets the corporate sector
  4. The facility passes the credit evaluation of the financial leasing company


  1. Speed of approval
  2. The possibility of financing for companies and institutions
  3. The possibility of financing for the owners of companies and institutions
  4. The possibility of financing for investors in the corporate and institutional sector
  5. The possibility of determining the financing period / from one to four years
  6. Multiple options of financing products / Leasing, Murabaha, and Tawarruq

Requests for Pre-Approval:

Target sectors:

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The prices shown are approximate prices and are subject to terms and conditions according to the credit policy of the financial leasing company.

    (Last update on 01-10-2021)

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      Examples of financial calculation

      Example 1:

      ProductAnnual Percentage Rate (APR)Administrative feesminimum Administrative fees
      Small companies and establishments8%1%1,000

      Example 2:

      ProductAnnual Percentage Rate (APR)Administrative feeMinimum administrative fee
      Medium companies and establishments7%1%1,000